Top 15 Family Travel Blogs on Instagram: Must-Follow List

Top 15 Family Travel Blogs on Instagram: Must-Follow List

If you're in need of some family travel inspiration, Instagram is the place to be! With so many amazing family travel blogs sharing their experiences and tips on the platform, it can be tough to decide who to follow. 

So we've put together a list of our top 15 family travel blogs on Instagram that you don't want to miss. 

From budget-friendly trip ideas to unique and off-the-beaten-path destinations, these jet setters have something for every type of family. Whether you're planning your next holiday or just looking for some wanderlust inspo, these are the family travel accounts you need to follow on Instagram.


 At Far & Wide, we believe that diversity is important and have curated a selection of Instagram accounts and family travel blogs to provide a broader perspective on family travel.

Our goal is to inspire a wider audience to travel and explore the world with their families. We hope that our selection of family travel blogs will provide a rich source of inspiration and ideas for anyone looking to plan their next family holiday.

The Complete List of 15 Family Travel Blogs on Instagram 2023

As a family that loves to travel, we have found Instagram to be a great source of inspiration and ideas. Here is our full list of top family travel blogs to follow on Instagram. Please note that the list is in no particular order.

Trimble Family Bucket List

Damiana and Dale embarked on a journey to travel the world with their young family by selling all of their belongings. Their first destination was Bangkok, which was a brave choice as they had never flown for more than eight hours prior.

The initial goal was two years of full-time travel, but they are now in their fourth year and counting. They have visited more than 20 countries and continue to explore new and off-the-beaten-path destinations.

Their Instagram is filled with exciting and fresh content as they share their adventures from around the world. They plan to continue their travels until they are exhausted!

Read more on Trimble Family Bucket List.

Family travel blog about giving it all up to explore the world

The Travel Squad Family

For the past four years, Caroline and her family have made travel a priority and have embarked on a variety of outdoor adventures all over the world.

From African safaris to mountain adventures in Europe and luxury getaways in the Maldives, their travels have taken them to some truly amazing places. 

Caroline is also a talented travel photographer, and her Instagram is filled with stunning photos and reels that invite you to join her on her family adventures. From breathtaking landscapes to intimate moments with her family, her photos have a beautiful aesthetic that really captures the essence of their travels.

Read more on The Travel Squad Family.

This travelling family explores beautiful landscapes

Mini Travellers

Karen and her husband are the founders of one of the best known family travel blogs in the UK. With their family of five, they have been travelling and blogging for several years, sharing their experiences and knowledge with their readers. 

Mini Travellers is a multi-award winning family travel blog that offers ideas and inspiration for parents of children of all ages looking for holiday and day trip ideas. The authors have traveled extensively, visiting locations all around the world including the UK, Europe, Africa, and various states in the US. 

They are truly passionate about both local and international travel, and their blog is a treasure trove of information and inspiration.

Read more on Mini Travellers.

An award winning family travel blog

The Traveling Child

Headed up by mum Monet, the Hambricks have visited some 20+ countries over the last 3 years and many states within North America.

Their motto is “if kids live there, kids can visit” and you’ll often find the family exploring destinations many may not consider “kid friendly”

They name their Top 5 destinations as Brazil, Kenya, Costa Rica, Morocco, and their Southwest RV trip in the US. Although Monet is Jamaican and so technically she says that it will always be her favourite destination. Check out their family travel blog for plenty of tips and travel itineraries.

 Read more on The Traveling Child.

The Hambricks on a family holiday in Portugal

Mummy And A Half One Family

Lisa is a single mum that travels with her young son. Lisa quit her job and traded her old apartment in Munich for the van life. They have been travelling in Europe for over a year and they are currently on the road in Greece.

Lisa is also an advocate for single mums or dads that want to break out of the exhausting and stressful everyday life and jump into a life of travel.

The account and website are in German, but both Instagram and Google can translate so there's no excuse not to immerse yourself in their heart-warming world.

Read more on Mummy And A Half One.

A mum and son family holiday adventure

The Global Wizards

Heleen and her family are ordinary people who wanted to live an extraordinary life, so they decided to travel the world with their kids and discover all the beauty that nature has to offer. 

They love meeting local people, learning about their habits, and trying new foods in order to broaden their kids' understanding of the world. They believe that travelling is the best way to appreciate and understand the planet's diversity.

Heleen and her family love to go on outdoor adventures and share their experiences on Instagram. Follow them as they go hiking, kayaking, road tripping, and more. Most of all, they love to have fun and inspire other families to travel and explore the world.

Read more on The Global Wizards.

This family enjoys immersive cultural travel experiences

The Run Away Family

Four years ago, this American family of six decided to embark on a global journey after Griff sold his ecommerce company and Mindy quit her job. 

They had become immersed in the daily grind and realised that they had lost sight of what they valued most: spending time together as a family. So they set out to travel the world and rediscover their sense of connection and adventure.

Over the past four years, they have traveled to countries in Asia, Europe, North America, and Africa, and have embraced the freedom and flexibility of a life on the road.

Read more on The Run Away Family.

Family of six travelling the world

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The Khanadians

Sahrash and Nauman Khan, along with their children, are a family of explorers from Canada who have managed to make plenty of time for travel while maintaining full-time professional careers.

They have a passion for exploration and adventure, and have found ways to prioritise travel and make it a central part of their lives.

The pandemic forced the Khans to focus on local travel within Canada, which allowed them to discover the rich and diverse experiences the country has to offer. From coastal visits and hiking to beautiful beaches and Paris-style vibes in Quebec, there appears to be no shortage of amazing places right in their own backyard.

Read more on an Explore Canada interview.

A family travel blog about Canadian adventures and more

Carpe Diem Our Way

For inspiration and education on family travel, check out Lindsay Nieminen's Instagram feed. She travels with her boys to a variety of destinations, both near and far, and shares her experiences on her account, Carpe Diem Our Way. 

From traditional holiday spots to off-the-beaten-path destinations, Lindsay's feed has something for everyone.

One week you may find her paddling Lake Louise in Canada and the next, hiking to Petra in Jordan! Lindsay loves sharing all of the must-do’s with her boys as well as looking for off-the-beaten-path authentic cultural experiences.

 Read more on Carpe Diem Our Way.

A solo mum's travel blog covering off-the-beaten path locations

Top Flight Family

Carmen is passionate about travelling the world with her children and has a love for luxury and style. From five-star hotels and resorts to first-class airport lounges, and she shares all experiences with her readers.

Whether you're looking for ideas for a lavish family holiday or just want to experience her adventures through her photos and stories, her family travel blog and Instagram feed is a source of inspiration.

When they’re not travelling, you’ll find them exploring New York City, where they share their favourite shopping destinations, kids activities, places to eat, and services that can help make a family’s travels fun and productive.

Read more on Top Flight Family.

A family travel blog about a multiracial family’s luxury adventures

Family Travel Notes

Shani is a multi-talented mother, business owner, adventure seeker, and more. She is also an avid traveler with her family and wishes she could travel nonstop. 

Shani's love for travel is fuelled by the idea that life is uncertain and short, and we should seize the opportunity to explore and experience new things while we can. 

With this in mind, she set out on a mission to live her dream of travelling with her husband and young kids. Follow her on Instagram to see all the amazing places she has been and get ideas for your own family adventures.

Read more on Family Travel Notes.

This family seizes all opportunities to travel

Mountains Family Life

Cécile and Jeff are based in the beautiful Pyrenees mountains, surrounded by natural wonders. They run chalets that were built by Jeff's father and welcome tourists for some homemade food, relaxation, and mountain yoga.

When the season is over, Cécile and Jeff can be found travelling the world with their children in tow. Before starting a family, Cécile lived all over the world, including in Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia, and she hopes to be able to take her family to visit these countries. 

Their Instagram account is homely and warm, and is a great source of inspiration for families looking to travel and explore the world together.

Read more on Mountains Family Life.

The Mountains Family Life in Marrakech

Nowhere On Earth

Kyle and Kailah Fredette are the parents behind Nowhere On Earth, a blog and Instagram account that documents their adventures as a family

As self-confessed experience addicts, they love challenging themselves to step outside their comfort zones and learn through new and exciting experiences. 

Through their family travel blog and Instagram account, they hope to encourage other families to maximize their time and money in order to make the most of their existence on this earth. On their account they share itineraries, tips, recommendations, gear and inspiration in hopes that it will make travel a bit easier on the next family.

Read more on Nowhere on Earth.

A family travel blog with plenty of detailed itineraries

Everyday Adventure Fam

Felicia is a mom of two boys, wife, psychiatrist, adventure enthusiast, food lover, and hobby photographer. She spends a lot of time researching fun activities for her family to do and explore.

Despite both parents working full-time, they prioritise family during weekends and time off. With two energetic young boys, they focus on finding family-friendly places and experiences that everyone can enjoy.

Their Instagram feed is filled with amazing trips to destinations such as Canada, Mexico, Iceland, Costa Rica, and various places across the US.

Read more on Everyday Adventure Fam.

A family travel blog by two full-time professionals

Mudpie Fridays

Clare describes herself as a mum of two mischievous boys, based in the UK. She focuses on finding hidden gems, and finding amazing and unusual experiences in the UK, Europe, and further afield.

Clare aims to pack as much holiday time in as possible, and all whilst still working a 9-5 job.

The family aim to show that travel can be fun, educational and hugely rewarding with kids. So grab a coffee and head over to the Instagram page or family travel blog to join them on their latest adventures.

Read more on Mudpie Fridays.

A UK family travel blog that focuses on finding hidden gems

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