Good products, doing good


To create great products that allow us to generate revenues to support good causes

Our main mission is to help support families that cannot afford even one day’s holiday

Having a break is essential for wellbeing. We hope you can support us and our partners, to help others

For over 40 years, the Family Holiday Association has provided breaks for UK families struggling with issues such as severe and long-term illness, mental health issues, domestic violence, bereavement and disability.

The charity was founded on the belief that holidays are a lifeline, not a luxury, and this is a key principle that survives to this day. The majority of families we help have never before been on a family holiday. Just a few days away can give families relief from their stresses at home, improve their wellbeing and help create precious memories to cherish forever.

Our partners

How to give

Donate Directly

Every time you purchase one of our products, you’re contributing to the Community Wide initiative. But we encourage you to give directly to the association. However you support our efforts, your contribution is making a difference.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Community Wide?

The Community Wide initiative is our way of supporting community based initiatives and making a positive impact. We’re small company but our ambitious is big, and so we hope in future to support a growing number of projects.

Why did Far & Wide launch the Community Wide initiative?

The world is a great place. Yet, there are so many people that do not get to experience the best things life has to offer due to their circumstances. We want to help and to hopefully do some good in the process.

Is Far & Wide changing its mission?

No. We are still committed to providing families with stylish and pracitcal travel goods. But we are also deeply passionate about giving back.

How can I support the Far & Wide Community Wide initiative?

Every purchase supports the initiative and we give a percentage of revenues to our chosen partners. We thank you for the support.