7 Family Travel Tips From Jet-setting Instagram Parents

7 Family Travel Tips From Jet-setting Instagram Parents

Kids change everything. Embarking on a family holiday can be exciting but requires diligent planning. To help you navigate the hurdles, we've gathered 11 valuable tips from jet-setting Instagram parents.

These travel-savvy mums and dads have mastered the art of exploring the world with their little ones. Get ready to discover their secrets to stress-free family travel preparation!

1. Know Thy Self

In the busyness of family life, parents often forget about self-care. However, as the saying goes, "Happy parent, happy child." Therefore, when it comes to travel, it's important to consider your own triggers. Marquita Wright, a traveling mum known as @thetravelingtwinmama, offers valuable advice: "We all have triggers as parents, and it's especially important to know them when traveling."

Marquita further identifies potential trigger points, such as feeling overwhelmed by the amount of stuff, impatience while waiting in long lines, uncertainty about what to expect, and running late. Taking the time to reflect on these triggers and planning accordingly can help you navigate the travel process more smoothly and avoid unnecessary stress.

2. Shareable Distractions

When it comes to travel, there is always plenty of waiting time. Whether it's a flight delay, waiting for a meal, or standing in line. Kids are bound to get bored. Jenny, a parent and travel enthusiast known as @jennysworldblog, advises, "Bringing shareable distractions like bubbles, stickers, playing cards, and more is a great way to entertain kids and help them connect with new playmates."

So, don't forget to pack those shareable distractions to keep boredom at bay. Not only will they keep your little ones entertained, but they also open up opportunities for them to connect with other young travellers or even entertain each other if you're traveling with siblings.

Family Travel - Card GAme

3. Non-stop Flights

Aim for non-stop flights. Kate, a seasoned traveler and parent known as @adiosteam, understands the significance of this choice. She advises, "Stops add to the overall travel day. Plus, the more stops you have, the higher the risk of experiencing a delayed flight and the potential for lost luggage."

By choosing direct flights, you not only streamline your journey but also ensure a smoother travel experience, allowing you and your family to arrive at your destination with less stress and more time to enjoy your adventure.

4. Babies and Jet Lag

Kelly, a parent known as @traveling.with.babies, shares a top tip for dealing with jet lag in babies. She advises, "Utilize sunlight and baby's natural circadian rhythm. Get out during the day when the sun is out and keep things dark and quiet when you want baby to sleep, even if the sun is already up. These signals are important for baby's awake time and rest."

Leveraging sunlight and maintaining a dark environment for sleep helps establish a routine and signals to the baby's brain and body when to be awake and when to rest. This will help minimise the impact of jet lag and promote better sleep patterns allowing the baby to get a well-rested start to the holiday.

Family Travel - Baby Sleeping in Dark Room

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5. Airplane Hygiene

When it comes to airplane hygiene, Paola Tejada Lalinde, a parent known as @vibrantmamita, has a valuable tip to share. She recommends, "Use disinfecting wipes on the armrests, screens, and tables since these are rarely cleaned between flights. With little ones on board, there's a big chance they'll be touching and exploring everything in sight."

Airlines aren't always known for their cleanliness, especially with quick turnarounds between flights. To ensure your kids or baby don't start the holiday feeling under the weather, it's wise to pack those wipes!

6. Flight Deals

If you're on the lookout for amazing flight deals, Monet Hambrick, a travel-savvy parent known as @thetravelingchild, has some insider tips to share. Monet's first advice is: "If you stay ready, you don't have to get ready!" Being prepared and proactive can significantly improve your chances of finding incredible flight deals for your family.

So, where exactly can you find these hidden gems? Monet recommends checking out websites like secretflying.com, theflightdeal.com, google.com/flights, and skyscanner.com. These platforms are renowned for offering discounted fares and exclusive promotions. So be proactive to secure those unbeatable flight deals, and all while staying within your budget.

Family Travel - Seaching For Flight Deals

7. Kindness Rules

We've all heard stories about encountering rude passengers or staff when travelling with kids. However, @travelboundmom, also known as Carrie-Ellen Briere, has a different perspective to share.

Carrie-Ellen has found that when she travels with her children, especially on her own, there are numerous people willing to go above and beyond to help. During a recent trip, Carrie-Ellen experienced firsthand the kindness of strangers. On her shuttle, people readily held her kids, assisted with baggage, and provided extra support. Even flight attendants were eager to lend a hand, carrying her car seats and bags.

Carrie-Ellen's advise reminds us that despite the occasional negative encounters, overall your family trip is likely to be filled with kindness and positive experiences.

Family Travel - Helping Hand


And there you have it - these 7 family travel tips from jet-setting Instagram parents provide valuable insights and practical advice for making your family trips more enjoyable and stress-free. By considering your own needs and triggers, keeping your kids entertained with shareable distractions, choosing non-stop flights, managing jet lag, ensuring airplane hygiene, hunting for flight deals, and embracing kindness, you can greatly improve the overall travel experience for your family.

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