Our Journey and Where Our Products Are Made

Occasionally, we receive enquiries from customers about the origins of our products, and we fully appreciate this interest. As a relatively new brand in the market, we recognise the importance of transparency, especially when dealing with a business of our size that has a small footprint. 

Where are your products made?

Our products are both made and shipped from China, and we are extremely grateful for our partners in the region. We ensure they are committed to fair working practices through thorough research and third party inspections.

Our manufacturing journey

When we started the brand, we were excited by the prospect of manufacturing in the UK, especially being from London and wanting to support the local economy. However, after doing our research, that dream faded. It became clear that due to very high costs, low skills and a general disinterest in working with small brands, manufacturing in the UK was not a feasible option for us.

However, we remained determined and decided to explore new avenues. Interestingly, the raw materials are often shipped from Asia, so it made sense to be closer to the source of these materials.

After many months, we had a breakthrough with a small family-run factory in China with a team that truly brought our designs to life. They had a wonderful work ethic and have continued to support our brand to this day. Together we refined the designs and created high-quality items.

manufacturing far and wide passport holders

But, isn't it all mass-produced, low quality items?

The manufacturing capability in China is vast, with large, medium, and small factories, which can result in varying quality. However, given that Nike, Apple, Gucci, Gap, H&M and many more, produce items in China, it was clear to us there was quality craftsmanship in abundance.

Our product is a custom design, meticulously handcrafted in a charming, family-run factory. It took months of hard work, including diligent attention to details such as the roundness of the corners.

Our early designs of the passport holder in 2019

Why are the products shipped directly from China?

COVID changed everything! For those unfamiliar with our story, we launched our band the year the pandemic hit. It was amazing to finally see our brand taking shape. However, the imposed travel restrictions made it necessary for us to close our doors. At the time, all of our stock was held by Amazon UK, and they shipped it back to our house. We faced financial challenges and could not see ourselves returning. However, our Instagam friends willed us back after COVID. We are eternally grateful for the support!

The post-COVID world was very different. Costs had risen, and exporting timelines had doubled, making it challenging to maintain regular stock levels (not a problem for large companies that ship in huge bulk). Additionally, due to interest outside of the UK, we also wanted to serve a global market, which we could not achieve on the Amazon UK platform.

The solution to our challenges arrived in the form of a logistics company based in China. This change in logistics proved to be a game changer for us! We were back. While we acknowledge that it led to longer shipping times, the performance of the logistics company has been exceptional. At this moment, every single item has been successfully delivered!


The future

We are more than happy to collaborate with local partners here in the UK, which would undoubtedly streamline our operations. Building a successful brand is a delicate balance between many factors including cost, speed, craftsmanship, and logistics. Each manufacturing option has its own set of pros and cons. If you’re interested in partnering with us then contact us at support@farandwideofficial.com. Our primary focus remains the delivery of high-quality products for families. 

"Our primary focus remains the delivery of quality products for families."

If you have any comments or feedback, please don't hesitate to get in contact!

Tim & Emma (Founders)