Our Story *


At Far & Wide we believe in the power of travel. Every trip we learn about ourselves and those we travel with, and often we are humbled by the diversity and immensity of our planet. Children are also deeply affected by travel, be it locally or abroad, and return home full of energy and with increased curiosity.


Traveling with children can be challenging. Our mission is to make traveling with children easier by creating quality travel goods – combining style, simplicity and functionality – that seamlessly integrate into your experience so you can focus on being present in the moment and spending quality time with the family.


Far & Wide was founded by husband and wife team, Tim and Emma, parents of two. Before parenthood, Tim and Emma were keen travelers, visiting countries across Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. When at home in the UK they would often be seen on their bikes exploring London’s vibrant culture.

Then the children arrived, and despite continuing to travel, Tim and Emma found the experiences demanding and exhausting. Traveling as they knew it had changed. But it was a challenge they were determined to embrace, and so the pair decided to create travel accessories for families, in order to help simplify and ease the process.